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Patient Testimonials


When I first went to Dr. Regan, it was for a mild misalignment in my neck. That was over 15 years ago!  His practice is part of my overall long term health and wellness plan. Dr. Regan’s professional and pro-active approach to treating patients is why I have continued my relationship with him over the years. Thank you Dr. Regan, I feel GREAT!


- Lisa M.


I've been to other chiropractors, but Doctor Regan is the best. Each visit he takes the time to do a thorough examination. He makes sure I understand what needs to be done and why. He not only relieves my pain, he teaches me what I can do to improve my overall health inbetween visits. Doctor Regan's depth of knowledge and caring attitude clearly show that he's found his passion. 


-Mary B.


I have been a patient of Dr. Keith Regan's for many years now. I have a strenuous job as a registered nurse in a hospital and I have a great desire to work on my golf game in my free time. Through the years, Dr. Regan has kept me "in-line" so that I can continue to perform at my maximum potential as well as keep up with my young children. I highly recommend Dr. Regan and his technique to everyone! 


- Scott G. 


Many years ago I developed a pinched nerve in my neck that was not responding to traditional medical therapy and I was unable to work for days. I called Dr. Regan's office and he was able to get me in that same day. With his technique of combining spinal manipulation and muscle relaxation, Dr. Regan was able to relieve my pain without medication in that first office visit! I now schedule routine "tune-ups" with Dr. Regan to keep me in balance, and I look forward to the relaxing spa-like atmosphere in his office. 


-Melissa M. 

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